Who We Are

We believe in the power of change. Our innovative solution could provide billions of people with access to a safe sanitation while creating economic opportunities and saving water.

We are united by the passion for improving people’s lives through a safe, clean and affordable sanitation solution.

Our Team

Mona Mijthab

Co-Founder, Strategy, Service & Product Design

Mona is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary thinker. She uses her creativity and background in design to find unconventional ways of problem-solving. Based on 10 years workexperience in international projects Mona designed and developed the Mosan Toilet. Mona leads the team and the areas of strategy, product & service design.

Omar Crespo

Co-Founder, Strategy, Creative Capacity building

Omar is an expert in design education and creative capacity building. His background in design and his passion to work with people have allowed him to develop programs to foster local innovation and creativity for social change in communities around the world. In Mosan Omar works in strategy, communication and he leads the creative capacity building approach.

Martha Gómez

Operational Lead,
Community Work

Martha is an environmental expert with experience in solid waste, sanitation and agroforestry. Martha’s career working in municipalities managing projects with large teams and her experience with vulnerable groups make her the perfect operational lead for the Mosan service and community work.

Raluca Anisie

Impact Specialist

Raluca is our specialist when it comes to climate change and how to effectively battle it. Raluca is an electrical engineer, and graduated with a masters in Energy Management and Sustainability at EPFL Switzerland. She is passionate about impact investment and supports Mosan’s business model development and various research projects.

Federico La Blasca

Research & Development

Federico has a diverse background in IT and education. He is Mosan‘s digitalization expert. He promotes our research and development activities through the implementation of new digital tools and systems as well as new technologies for the reuse of waste. He is the webmaster of the new multilingual Mosan website.

Elsy Profile Photo

Elsy Alvarado

Communications & Branding
Elsy studied Communication and Design at Universidad Galileo in Guatemala. She found her passion working in the area of social and sustainable design. Elsy creates content to keep our community engaged and informed through social media. She is shaping our brand, designing digital and print materials and making sure that our message gets out into the world.

Martina Gómez de Cúmez

Service Staff, User Satisfaction

Martina works in Mosan’s sanitation service in Santa Catarina Palopó. She ensures the Collection process and maintains close contact with our users. This makes her key to ensure user satisfaction, hygiene and safety of the service.

Rudy Aguilar Matta

Operator of Transformation Center

Rudy works in Mosan’s sanitation service in Santa Catarina Palopó. He operates the Mosan Transformation Center and manages transport and collection services. Rudy ensures that Mosan users receive a high-quality service every day.

Mayarí Pérez Tay

Mechanical Engineer

Maya studied mechanical engineering at UVG Guatemala and is highly passionale about solving complex technical issues. Maya overseas the technical development of the transformation processes and fertilizer R&D at Mosan. Besides her role in Mosan Maya is the makerspace coordinator at UVG Guatemala and teaches mechanical engineering.

Karla Piedrasanta

Architecture, Space Development
Karla holds a degree in architecture and is passionate about sustainable design and development. She has experience in project managing and optimization of spaces for different industries’ facilities. Karla support Mosan’s growth with space and process optimization.

Eleonora Berra

Eleonora holds a masters degree in interaction design and animation. Eleonora and Mona conducted pilot studies in Kenya. Eleonora’s role is marketing, communication and story telling.

Reto Wey

Advisor: Strategy, Networking

Reto supports Mosan in many ways. His background working in investment banking and his great passion to tackle the sanitation crisis drive him to advise Mosan on the topics: strategy, business development, and climate impact. Reto loves traveling and you will probably meet him at the next conference.

Regula Häberli

Supporter, Ambassador

Regula has a background in psychology and empowers teams in Switzerland with coaching and team-building. Regula is supporting Mosan to improve the life of vulnerable populations, especially affected women and girls.

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